Nonna Pikner

Nonna Pikner

Nonna has been involved in real estate investing as a long-term wealth-building strategy since 2017.  Throughout the years, Nonna has founded multiple business ventures, including NashDom, LLC, and is currently managing and operates several such ventures. She is specializing in value add multifamily properties and is in the process of increasing investment portfolio of large commercial-size apartment complexes, all along benefiting from passive income and taking tax advantages of passive loss.  Nonna is a budget oriented profit-driven real estate enthusiast who is successful in identifying good investment opportunities and introducing such opportunities to the community of investors.

Nonna’s passion for the multifamily industry opened educational and networking doors leading to substantial achievements in assets’ operations, management and wealth accumulation for her and partnering investors.

Nonna is an accomplished Legal Operation Specialist in the intellectual property field, which she had joined over 20 years ago. Her experience and skills in corporate world include implementation of complex projects, providing support in major law suits, administrating portfolio of 17,000 patents and managing $12M to $25M annual legal budgets.

Nonna is originally from Ukraine, and is currently residing in Campbell, California, where she and her husband raised two wonderful daughters.  She loves outdoors and enjoys creating great events for her family and friends.